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This wiki relates to fictional items events and people that exist in the Seekers Chronicle LARP.

The Seekers chronicle LARP is a members only even run by the Adelaide Roleplay Community based around the events of a fictional world called New Hope following the events of a world wide apocalypse which resulted in the creation of Zed- Synths, Zombie like creatures, and Psychers, people who have been change and now display powerful and dangerous psychic powers. It follows a group of player characters(PC's) as they explore what remains of the world and try to solve the problems they now face in this post apocalyptic world.

The current chronicle, the Seekers Chronicle, focuses on the relationship between the PC's and the isolationist human colony known as Salvation whilst continuing the plot of Triway and focusing more of the Hashin an alien race from another world. Can the players find a way to return New Hope to its former glory or will they face annihilation at the hands of Salvation.

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